80's color-style

La lista dei must have 80's sembra essere infinita, in cui il colore è l'unico filo conduttore. Dalle stampe irregolari e vivaci, agli accostamenti forti e azzardati. Nonostante ciò ogni cosa trova il suo equlibrio ... il risultato? un perfetto outfit mixato.

  • Princess Di Haircuts – Poor Di! Miss her!
  • Crazy Hair ColorsPink, blue, purple, red, yellow and so on.
  • Tails – You remember … The short or long 5 pieces of hair running down your back.
  • RayBan’s – Made famous from the Tom Cruise movie ‘Risky Business’.
  • Flat Top Haircuts for Guys – Some cuts were a little off to the side like Bobby Brown. He also had a line cut on his head. Don’t know if this was a fad for the bros.
  • Rooster Bangs Look – Rooster Bangs Are bangs that are cut so they stand up and frizz out.
  • Big Hair – Lots of hairspray and teased up high! Gotta love it!
  • Skater Haircut – Shaved on one side and all the hair hanging on the other side.
  • BIG Hair Bows – Another essential Madonna accessory!
  • Colored Mascara/Eyeliner – Always extra thick! Blue, purple were the popular colors used.
  • Painter Type Hats – With or without the tails off the back.
  • Bandannas – (In just about every color of the rainbow!) Any color tied anywhere would make you fit in just about anywhere circa 1984. (i.e.. David Lee Roth)
  • Green Lipstick – Turned pink when you put it on.


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